Spring 2014 Schedule

(Winter/Spring 2014/15 Schedule Coming Soon!)




Feb. 5th

Geology: This class rocks! They’re everywhere. We’ll learn how to look for and identify some very cool rocks here at CBX... How did they become what they are? Where did they come from? What about Gems and Minerals? Why do they look different from the rocks in your backyard? We’ll even start our own rock collections and have a chance to see examples of some great specimens. 

$7 per student

March 5th

Ecosystems: What are they? How do they work? And where can I find one? We’ll take a look at several ecosystems existing right here at CBX. We’ll even have the chance to make one of our own in a jar!

$7 per student

April 2nd

Bugging Out: A look at insects, arachnids, and lepidoptera. The difference between them, and how to catch and collect them.

$7 per student


May 7th


Aquatic Submersion: Macro Invertebrates are living in the pond! We’re going to collect some weird stuff and talk about the strange physical characteristics these odd creatures need to survive. $7 per student

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